I created new campain in google Adword, but I can't understand exactly how delivery method work.

My Target : I want to show my ad to my customer as many time as possible. And don't I want to run out of my budget. So I scheduled my campain like this :

Let say : I have 900usd budget / day, and I have 2 choices:

1) Split Campain by hours

Mycampain 1 (6 AM - 12 PM) : Budget :  300USD
Mycampain 2 (12 PM - 6 PM) : Budget :  300USD
Mycampain 2 (6 AM - 12 AM) : Budget :  300USD

2) Use only one Campain
Mycampain 1 (6 AM - 12 AM) : Budget :  900USD

With 2 options, Which one will be get more impression? I mean impression/hours I'm Using : delivery method Standard

If not schedule : Your budget is distributed across the entire day, may be I will get not to much impression/hour : impression/hour ~ (budget/24)

If schedule (6AM - 12PM): Your budget is distributed across (6AM - 12PM) or something? impression/hour ~ (budget/6).

Thank so much.

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