Structured Data Testing Tool giving error in testing via fetch url but working fine when pasting the code.

I have some JS code which fetches some content and dynamically inject in the HTML. So I am thinking that's the reason of error. However I have pasted the generated code and its working fine there.

So is it that the SDTT cannot able to fetch the dynamic content via JS and gives error?

Is it a problem? because most of the website inject dynamically fetched HTML in DOM.

Does it affect the page ranking in any way? How to get rid of this error?

I have created sample URLs:

This is giving error:

This is not giving error:


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As i can see, testing tool has no problem with markup at its own, but with javascript. According to community's experience it makes no problem, specially for SEO. It is rather a quirk of SDTT on rendering of js. An experienced user having my full trust means here:

The SDTT is not very good at rendering pages. I suspect it thinks it is trying to deal with your JS and failing.

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