I have lots of pages using foreign words, transliterated into their latin equivalent, using a vareity of diacritics. Some example of such characters: ā, ṛ, ṭ and ḥ. As for words: Vṛkṣa can be transliterated as both Vriksha and Vrksa.

One page could contain hundreds of such words having diacritics, while the main language of the text remains English. I want to either index all synonyms, or index the variety that has the most SERP potential.

From a SEO perspective, how should I present the pages for indexing? For example:

a) I could add the same content twice, one with the diacritics applied to the words, and one plain text content, without diacritics (so ā becomes a etc, ṛ becomes ri, etc.); where the first content part is visible and the latter invisible. Will this present the danger of duplicate content penalty?

b) I could show the content in their plain text representation, using no diacritics, assuming this has the most SERP potential. I could offer the user some button by which they can dynamically switch the transliteration of those words using diacritics on the page.

Also, when choosing (b), is there some preferred HTML tag or attribute to indicate the synonymous word? For example Vrikshna

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