I manage a group of international websites for one brand and each country website is on a subdomain (in this format: au.website.com) My problem is that Google has excluded the country websites from indexing saying they are duplicates. I have correctly declared the country website to be the canonical and have used hreflang to address the duplicate content in each subdomain. However, Google still points to the www site as the canonical instead of the country site. The websites use geolizr to redirect users to the correct country website based on IP. Is there a way to get Google to index the country webpages and honor the user-declared canonical?

search console error

  • Test if your redirects are forcing Googlebot to the www version. If so that is a stronger signal to say it is the canonical. You can test be entering one of your country URLs into the URL inspection tool and doing a live test. – Tony McCreath Jun 28 at 8:44

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