I've a domain purchased from godaddy and i want to host it to my local ip. the local IP i have stays same always and I've already set it up to access able globally.

Now in Manage DNS settings of godaddy I've used Forwarding section and have forwarded the domain to my ip with masking and now when i open my domain tvsheevi.com it opens my website as well but the problem is when i goto my sub-pages it didn't show the complete link

like it should show tvsheevi.com/watch-game-of-thrones-online but it always show only tvsheevi.com.

I'm a web developer and have very less experience with domain hosting and masking i know i am doing something wrong, either this way i've used to mask my domain isn't correct or i am doing it wrong.

If any one can help out it would be great. check attached image for my forwarding settings enter image description here



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You should not use forwarding which is basically for secondary domains you don't want to be visible.

To use your domain as main entry, you should use a dns redirection on GoDD to your server where you host your website.

Then on this server create a virtual host (if on Apache) to point your domain to the directory of your website.

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