I have a website that list available jobs in my area.

For each job detailed page, I already add JobPosting and breadcrumb markup, and it work like charm.

However, I'm confused on which of the markups to add on the category page. Since some of those pages also have unique content at the bottom of the page (to add word count/SEO), I went in with Article.

But, that doesn't feel right. I need to change. I'm looking at CollectionPage, WebPage, and ItemList, but can't tell the differences. What do you recommend in my case?

Also, is it a good practice if I use BOTH Article & Collection on the same category page? Thanks for your time!

  • You don't need to any of them. As far as I know, Google doesn't have rich snippets for any of them, unlike you JobPosting and breadcrumb markup. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 25 at 10:41

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