I have read some articles on this matter: this and this.

One thing caught my attention is No cloaking. If we serve two different set of products for different users (and bot, we will just ignore user-agent). How does that going to impact our ranking and indexing?

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The article you referenced specifically states not to cloak for user-agent. So, as long as you're selecting which visitors get which version by something other than user-agent, cloaking isn't happening and you are safe.

The article also states how to make sure the correct version of your pages are indexed - by including canonicals. This will make sure bots don't include both versions of your page or one of the variants that doesn't end up winning.

Final suggestion: look into Google Optimize. It's a free service, and by using Google's own service, you can be even more certain that your testing won't cause issues with rankings or indexing in Google specifically.

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