I'm in the process of coding my personal website. After looking at some articles to help me understand how SEO works, I learned that keywords need to be in H1s.

It sounds logical for my blog post titles to be H1s, but what about my name? (The part of my website in the top left that users click to go back home)

I was thinking; since it's my personal blog and I really want it to come up when people search for it, could I wrap my name in an H2 or something?

Thanks in advance


The blog post title should be H1, as it's the most important piece of text on the page. You'll mostly want people to be able to find you through that one title.

You can ofcourse add your name as the author to the blog post itself. However, I wouldn't make a H2 of it, because you mostly want to be found on the content of that blog post instead of your name. Make sure to add the rel=”author” with your name in it to also be found on your own name.

If you need any more help, just answer on this answer.

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    The site title would be good as an H1 on the home page (only). You are correct that other pages should have their own title as the most prominent text on the page. – Stephen Ostermiller Jun 20 at 13:24
  • I'm a little out of the loop at the moment on best practice but I'd have thought you'd have h1 as subordinate to head and h1 as subordinate to article and that for SEO/accessibility any tool that was HTML5 aware would be more than up to recognising what's page chrome and what's the article. None of this will matter for off-site but on-site when an SE is deciding the most relevant content they're going to be looking at the <article> level (assuming your site is properly marked up). If Google/Bing/etc/ don't yet know how to recognise content from boilerplate I'll eat my hat. – pbhj Jun 22 at 0:33

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