In some large wikis one might find some rare web pages that don't have categories (for example, when these pages were created, the creator forgot to add a category).

How to know what are all the MediaWiki web pages without categories?

I didn't find such a list web-page at special:special_pages (translated from Hebrew).

  • Seems like there's a few ways you could do this: the categorylinks table stores the page.page_id as cl_from and the category as cl_to. Easiest way is probably to do an outer JOIN, with a test for WHERE cl_to is null. {Looks like an SQL course might be handy!} – pbhj Jun 19 at 13:18

It's at Special:UncategorizedPages. There are also a couple other Special:Uncategorized* pages for other namespaces (images, categories etc).

  • Oh, there was a language confusion there. In Hebrew one can say "ללא" and "חסרי", both mean without; the first word used for some pages but the second word used for that page and thus I found it this time in the list. It should be noted I couldn't address that page from URL in English sadly; I wish the URLs were all English even in different language Wikis. Thanks. – JohnDoea Jun 20 at 3:43

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