Using apache local server.. I'm serving my projects using virtualhosts so that it's easy to work with more than project and see results in my browser

using hosts file I'm using my device ip (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) as (site1.local, site2.local, etc..) then use virtualhost to listen to all these virtualhosts

now I found that when using the browser on my disktop for responsive sites they look different as the browser support more features than the same browser of the mobile

I need to access all my projects the same way virtualhost and hosts file provide but on any device in my local network

I tried to make apache listen to my device ip but it's only serving one project only and only using that ip not so I can't type simply mysite.local but I now always must pass xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to the browser

I need some way to make a virtual ip or host in the local network so I could make the apace listen to it

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