I have recently moved off of Woocommerce selling digital-only products (templates, plugins etc). Having used PayPal only, my shop collected billing info via PayPal transaction and the user never had to enter their personal info.

On my new web software, the checkout process requires mandatory billing info (Name, Company Name, Address, etc). A few users have complained why they are entering this when competitor shops (and my old shop) do not.

I contacted the developers and they stated it's mandatory to verify customer location for VAT/tax purposes. Another issue is that the compatible payment processors for my shop include Stripe, Braintree and 2Checkout. I realize different processors may require different steps. The developers may not want to re-engineer the checkout process around this convenience.

Is it safer to bite the bullet and require all customers to supply their address upfront? I have already noticed an increase in traffic drop-off on the checkout form.

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