By default, my URL was set to example.com/wp/wp-admin instead of the example.com/wp-admin that I used to remember. Also my website's contents show on example.com/wp rather than example.com. How do I change the url as well as changing wp-admin to something of my preference?

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Two questions in 1 ;)

For the first one, redirect example.com/wp to example.com, you must first set your domain to point to the wp directory rather than to its parent directory (www, htdocs...). Then you will have to set the new adress (without /wp) into wordpress Settings via the dashboard or phpMyAdmin (wp_options table).

For the second question, at this point, your wp-admin will be accessible via example.com/wp-admin. If you want to change it for custom slug, you will save time using a plugin.

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