Google still detect old URLs from blogspot:

  • /2016/07/example-title-post-here.html
  • /2016/07/example-title-post-here.html?m=1

But when I try access old data URLs, it's already a 404. That leads to so many anomalies crawling and Google sometimes detects 5xx errors.

In WordPress I have already been using permalinks like /%postname%/ for 3 years. I have thousands of URLs like that.

What best choice for that problem?

  1. Redirect all with 301 to homepage
  2. Send "410 Gone" status for those URLs
  3. Something else

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You don't list the best choice: Individually redirect each page to its new URL. That is really the only good choice for preserving SEO and user experience.

Thousands of URLs is a lot, but you have some options. You could manually go through and map all the redirects by hand and add them to your .htaccess file. Doing so would probably only take a couple of days of work.

wpbeginner has a tutorial about migrating from Blogspot to Wordpress. They recommend this Blogger to WordPress redirect plugin. It appears to work by installing in WordPress and generating code that you paste into Blogger.

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