I started to build my website 6 months ago.

Since I started until now for 6 months. Googlebot keep crawling non-existing page on my site. Googlebot randomly generates those links. They accessed to hundreds to thousand of them a day. I have verified it is a googlebot. Since day one, I left those non-exist pages with a 404 header. 6 months later, thing didn't change a bit. Googlebot still crawls the non-existing random generated page at the same rate.

The structure of the link non-existing page is mydomain/installa/{random-string}





Please note I do not use a /installa/ directory on my site either in the back-end folder or on the site url.

The problem is when I posted a actual post on my website. That post would take forever to get indexed by discovering by googlebot.

If I manually submitted my post to google console to get index, that is a different topic and my page got indexed. But I suspect all my issue fall under the above issues I described.

Can anyone help me or point me to the right direction on what going on? Is there something wrong on my site that potentially trigger the /installa/?

Please help me to solve this issue, this issue seems to affect my site ranking at the moment.

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