I have a mydomain.com domain that I've been using for years. Recently I purchased mydomain.it on which I applied a 301 redirect (mydomain.it -> mydomain.com).

Do I have to do something on Google Search Console to inform Google that it's just a redirect and avoid penalties?

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Nothing more to do since it hasn't been indexed by Google.

301 alone will prevent indexation and penalties


If you've done the 301 correctly, you shouldn't need to worry. However, just to be on the safe side, you can try the following:

  • Configure canonical tags on each page in the new site
  • Add the new site on Google Search Console (including an updated sitemap)
  • Delete the old site on Google Search Console
  • Sorry, I probably haven't been clear, mydomain.it is not a new site, but a new redirect to mydomain.com site. – Dev Jun 13 at 7:52

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