I have a VPS with multiple sites all using 1 shared IP.

I also have a dedicated IP I can assign to 1 site.

I have development (DEV) and production (PROD) environments for each site.

I avoid duplicate content and other negative affects on SEO by pointing the canonicals on the DEV env pages to the equivalent PROD env urls.

I have 2 sites (SITE-A and SITE-B) that have similar content. (each with a respective DEV and PROD env).

I plan to use the dedicated IP for

  • SITE-B PROD (dedicated IP)

This is to create-distance/disassociate from the similar content on SITE-A

Which leaves the following environments on the shared IP:

  • SITE-A PROD (shared IP)
  • SITE-A DEV (shared IP)
  • SITE-B DEV (shared IP)

SITE-A DEV canonicals point to SITE-A PROD, I know this works as I've had this configured this way for a long time and it works as intended.

SITE-B canonicals (shared IP) point to SITE-B prod on the dedicated IP

I assume google will follow the canonicals which effectively will lead to it only seeing:

SITE-A PROD (shared IP)

SITE-B PROD (dedicated IP)

...but is there a possibility of Google seeing SITE-B DEV content on the same IP as SITE-A PROD and therefor risking duplicate content or other negative effects?

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