I have had a subdomain website for about 2 years built on wix. It is on page 1 for some related keywords. Let's say the website is specific to sports cars.

  • Example URL: sports-cars.mywebsite.com

I also have a main website that has been live for about 2 years built on wordpress. Let's say the website is about automobiles. The website has a section built for trucks, sports cars, sedans, SUVs, ect...

The main website did not have all of the specific vehicle types built out at first, and I just now finished adding sports cars to the main website.

  • Example URL: www.mywebsite.com/sports-cars
  • Example URL: www.mywebsite.com/sports-cars/v8
  • Example URL: www.mywebsite.com/sports-cars/v12
  • ect...


  1. Is there anything bad about having the subdomain still live? It does not have duplicate content.
  2. Anything to back up why I should get rid of the subdomain site?

I do not like how the subdomain is a wix site and I am not able to capture leads (I do not have Google Analytics on this subdomain site), like I can on my main wordpress site. So I don't really have a way to know how the site is performing.

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