If I'm not wrong, a "top-level" is a browser window; or shall I say a "browser-window object", which parents the "document object" which parents "head" and "body" HTML objects (and so forth).

Am I wrong?

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    "Top level" isn't a general concept. "Top level domain" and "top level browser window" have separate meanings that are not very related. May 30 '19 at 21:46

Top-Level can apply to the term "top-level attributes":

  • A browser orders objects chronologically based on its HTML ordering.

  • You can also add layers to objects using z-index to determine which layer is the top-level.

Top-level also applies to domain endings (like .com). If the domain address is sub.example.com than formally, the top-level domain of the domain example.com would be .com.


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