I'm developing a website for a local school on Wordpress but today noticed someting weird when I look for the page in google this is the result I get:

KEELER FORCE ブラック+Creepy Crawler M8090 7.00-16 4本 ... www.cudec.edu.mx › 激安セール Traducir esta página ホーム > 激安セール > KEELER FORCE ブラック+Creepy Crawler M8090 7.00-16 4本 [ジムニー JB64W/JB23W/JA系(JA11V/JA71V等)] キーラーフォース グロスブラック+マキシス Creepy Crawler M8090 16X5.5J+22 5/139.7 送料無料. TOYOTIRES ...

The url/domain is https://www.cudec.edu.mx / cudec.edu.mx

What's happening how can I fix it?


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Your website has been hacked. If you check the source page in a browser, you'll find a lot of spam and porn links by the end of the page:

<p style="overflow: auto; position: fixed; height: 0pt; width: 0pt">
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You need to patch up your installation, check your whole site, and clean everything up..

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