I have found content from my site being hosted on other sites. Some of these sites convert the content into gibberish, which I suspect is accomplished using artificial intelligence. I presume there is kind of financial motivation, but what is going exactly? How does the scheme work? Is it negative SEO from some competitor?

  • do you have some examples? Depending on how "gibberisch" it is, they might just automatically copy yours and other content but did not build a specific scraper for your page and are stumbling over the format of your content. Here is an anti scraping library you might want to take a look at in order to prevent ppl copying your content. github.com/terrylinooo/shieldon as well as an explanation on how to combat github.com/JonasCz/How-To-Prevent-Scraping – veritaS May 29 at 7:40
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    The gibberish looks like a composite of sentences. Some of the sentence are from my site and some are from related sites. Other sentences are taken from content that was created by competitors who have similar products. Everything is mixed up and makes no sense. – fiftytwocards May 30 at 19:32

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