I recently purchased a new domain i.e. mydomain.io which I'm planning to use for my brand new app.

The app was designed to be multi-tenant meaning that each user account points to a different subdomain: i.e. a.mydomain.io, b.mydomain.io etc.

Earlier on I successfully set this up in namecheap using the following entries:

CNAME:    * -> mydomain.io

The problem now is that I also need to use a development server which complicates matters a bit.

The end goal needs to be this:

dev.mydomain.io and *.dev.mydomain.io should point to the development server at DEVELOPMENT_SERVER_IP.

*.mydomain.io and mydomain.io should point to the production server at PRODUCTION_SERVER_IP.

How should I set this up in the configuration of Namecheap?

Assume that the server configuration part has been taken care of.



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