I have a website whose domain name is example.com from GoDaddy and my SSL certificate and hosting is on firebase.

Currently www.example.com forwards properly to https://www.example.com but https://example.com shows a security error on all browsers. I am trying to set it up so that https://example.com or example.com forwards to https://www.example.com

I added a domain forwarding to redirect it to https://www.example.com.

GoDaddy domain forwarding

My firebase settings are as follows:

Firebase settings

Firebase is successfully connected to the www version of my site but the connection to the non-www version never happens even though I already have the settings on my goDaddy as visible below:

Firebase A records on GoDaddy

And CNAME setting to connect GoDaddy to Firebase:

Godaddy firebase cname

How can I make https://example.com to forward to https://www.example.com

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The problem is that GoDaddy doesn't support redirects from HTTPS. But the good news is that Firebase supports this natively and automatically.

The solution is instead of using GoDaddy for your bare domain, use Firebase. The detailed instructions can be found here:


In essence, you will need to go to the "connect domain" section of Firebase Hosting to find the Firebase IP addresses, then go to GoDaddy and change your A records to point to these Firebase IPs.

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