I tested many times and I made sure that Google not interested to show my thumbnails of video when I have URLs with non-English characters.

When I rollback canonical and internal links to English URLs, The problem solved. Now I want to now what is the reason?

I think Google can not detect the page is a video page when I use non-English URL and Google can detect the page is a video page when I don't use non-English URL!

The source code of both version of URLs are same.

Can anyone say what is the problem?

To see live example:

Search :

واکنش والدین به پخش آهنگ ساسی در مدارس ! tamasha.com

And see image below:


And search :

آموزش سئو : نحوه ایجاد ساختار صفحات SEO-Friendly - محسن طاوسی

And see image below:



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