I want to move all content from the main domain to a subdomain. Then I will connect the main domain to webflow. To make it work I will have to change the DNS.

Will the subdomain be affected by the change of DNS? Or subdomain will keep the old DNS?

For example I have:

  • www.abc.example/2018
  • www.abc.example/2017
  • www.abc.example/2016
  • www.abc.example/2015

All those I want to move to subdomain (histoy.abc.example)

Than on main domain www.abc.example I want to connect webflow. To do that I have to change A and CNAME of main domain.

Is it possible?

  • Did you have a wildcard catch-all DNS record powering the subdomain, or does it its own normal A/CNAME record? May 12, 2019 at 11:27

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Changing the A or ALIAS record of a top-level domain will not change how the subdomains resolve.

You can serve whatever files you would like from a subdomain using an A or CNAME on that subdomain, and it will not affect the A or ALIAS record on your top-level domain.

Keep in mind that www is a subdomain. 99.9% of the time you will want it to resolve to the same target as the bare top-level domain, so keep that in mind.

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