In Google Data Studio, I'm trying to create a filter that functions like this:

if (pageTitle=="foo" && previousPath=="bar") || (pageTitle=="fubar") {...}

But I'm not not seeing a way to do this.

I can make logic like this:

if (pageTitle=="foo" || previousPath=="bar") && (pageTitle=="fubar") {...}

or this

if (pageTitle=="foo") && (previousPath=="bar" || pageTitle=="fubar")

But none of this leads to what I want.

Adding more than one filter also seems to result in an AND logic with the two filters.

Am I missing something? Is this not possible? Do I need to be using some other feature?

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You will possibly need to create a calculated field using a case statement and then use the resulting dimension within DS enter image description here

More info on case statements in the DS docs

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