I have a Google Analytics goal (event) and it is set to fire when people reach a certain page with specific values/parameters included in the page URL.  I have set it up in GTM.

You can see the tag on the left and the trigger on the right:

Now the results after a couple of days shows that some goals URL from the sales have been counted twice:

This could happen when somebody clicks on the link it has received by email a second time.

My question is: is there a way to avoid in Google Analytics (or GTM) for a specific URL to be recorded as a conversion twice (or more).  Need only to be counted once.

For example, a specific goal URL could look like this:


And I don't want GA to count it twice, never.

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  • You have a lot of data in those URLs that is against GA's terms of service to record - I suggest reading support.google.com/analytics/answer/6366371?hl=en As to your question, if a goal's conditions are met, and it has not been converted yet in that session, it will count as a conversion. You would have to prevent the goal's conditions from being met in order to prevent a conversion. – Reve May 9 at 13:01

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