I have very interesting problem, in our Google Analytics > Conversions > Ecommerce > Shopping Behaviour section there is a Session that Enter at Add to Card (ADD_TO_CART_WITHOUT_VIEW). When I profiling the data to individual visitor, the visitor is actually making a transaction on our website from product view. Here is the screenshot.


However as you can see above there is weird drop off that trigger this issue and after I group each activity by hour the visitor is actually visit our product view at 6:00 AM, go somewhere else, then at 2:00 PM click add to cart button then make a checkout.

Since there is a long time gap (8 hours) between product view and add to cart, Google Analytics create a new session for it even it still same visitor.

I have an idea to solve this issue, which is to track product view activity time, then once they click our add to card button, we check when product view happened, if its more than 30 minutes we send product view event to Google Analytics before sending add to cart event so at least the flow will connected in Shopping Behavior section, even thought it will doubled product views in our data.

Do you guys have different approach to solve this issue?

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