The conversion: The goal in Google Analytics is marked as complete when a user makes it from an mydomain.example landing page over to Shopify and from there completes a ticket purchase. When a user has reached the 'payment confirmation/thank you' page, the goal is officially complete and a conversion is recorded.

To do this we have to established cross domain tracking between the mydomain.example and the mydomainstore.example. To set up cross domain tracking between the two sites we have to add tracking code on each site. To support this code, Google Analytics' settings have to be optimized.

What we have in place: Code added:

  • Site-wide tracking code on myDomain.example
  • Tracking code on the 'payment confirmation/thank you' page on mydomainstore.example
  • tracking code in Shopify's "theme.liquid", under the opening "body" tag.
  • tracking code in Order Processing "Additional Scripts" section

Supporting settings optimized:

  • Goal created in Google Analytics
  • Destination set as URL of 'payment confirmation/thank you' page of the mydomainstore.example
  • Both of the domains added to the 'referral exclusion' list
  • Goal imported into Google Ads

What isn't working: We have tested the conversion multiple times by starting on the mydomain.example page, clicking 'buy tickets', following the check out process on mydomainstore.example, and making it to the 'payment confirmation/thank you' page. When we complete this test, we check Google Analytics to see if a conversion has been recorded. None have so far.

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