I want to register a domain name. Domain Registry Services says it "Expires on April 30th 2019" but adds that "Only the registered name holder can renew this name!". It was registered through NameJuice (Brandon Gray Internet Services). I'm hesitant to contact them as they were involved in scams in the past. Does anyone know how long NameJuice will sit on it until it's publicly available again? How should I best pursue this?

  • Either renew with current registrar, wait 2 months and then transfer elsewhere. Or let it expire and forget it right now, in order to just register another one. Fighting about a specific one will be a lot of lost time and energy and potentially money. The generic lifecycle of a gTLD (you do not give details) is at icann.org/resources/pages/gtld-lifecycle-2012-02-25-en – Patrick Mevzek May 2 at 3:29

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