I am working on a project where my landing page URLs will be generated dynamically.

I keep hearing that I have to use ! after # in URLs that are generated dynamically, for SEO reasons.

But no one seems to know WHY. Can anyone explain this to me please?

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The #! indication in the URL was used to indicate Google that this section of the page appears on the page after the JavaScript has been executed.

For example you have a section on your page


which makes an AJAX call.

In order to make this URL crawlable by Google you had to change this to


so that Google knows that this section needs to only fetch a HTML snapshot of the section and not the complete page.

However this syntax is deprecated by Google and you no longer have to change your links to #!. For complete details read this article: AJAX Crawling (deprecated).

Google now supports complete JavaScript crawling of pages. If your site is built heavily on JavaScript then follow this video series by Google: Introducing a new JavaScript SEO video series.

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