I have a series of websites in my state, targeted locally for every county. Most of the information, content/structure is the same with minor variations geared towards the particular county. I would say that 90% though of the content is the same, specially sections like FAQ, About Us.

There is a main website and then "micro sites" that target counties. I would appreciate some feedback guidance on the following:

1.) My understanding so far is that google won't necessarily ding me on duplicate cross domain content (the content is original and written by me so not worried about plagarism.) But not sure if am better off at least changing/rewording the content by 50% ?

2.) From a branding perspective am starting to thing referencing the parent company might be better? Meaning, there are some forms, and content sections like FAQ that don't change, should these link back to the main site? My worry is then the micro site might be too thin, and as well confuse users.

All locations will have a local office.

  • Just confirming; is this for counties or did you mean countries? – AliIshaq Apr 29 '19 at 9:34

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