I'm working on an audit for an ecommerce and their login, reset password and register pages are indexable in google. Is it necessary to make them index in google?

  • "necessary" for what purpose? SEO? Findable? – Steve Apr 23 '19 at 6:49
  • Hello Mate, I'm just asking. Because I don't think so, that they should be indexable. They should be Noindex nofollow. I don't think so, there is any relevancy these pages have with SEO – P082 Apr 23 '19 at 8:57

Whether or not your Login, Reset and Registration Pages are up to you.

If it has no commercial value, then you can nofollow those internal links and apply a noindex on them for good measure. You are making a business decision and choosing to eliminate that page from appearing in your sitelinks from what I would presume to be a top-level navigational page (i.e. every page links to the login, registration).

However, user interaction pages can be classified by a type of search intent called Navigational - someone using a search engine to navigate to a specific page. Further Reading. For example, Googling facebook login will yield https://en-gb.facebook.com/login/ as the top result.

This is because the best page to meet that specific search query and the intent is the log in page for Facebook.

There is also specific schema.org Item Types such as https://schema.org/RegisterAction that specifically refer to this user action. It may also be a useful signal to Google that your website involves interaction which will help classify the type of website and webpages it contains.

As long as these pages aren't spider traps that bleed crawl budget, I see no harm in including these pages in the SERPs.

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    IMO the key takeaway from this answer is that people will search directly for your login page from search engines. If you decide not to index it, those people will need to take one extra click to be able to log in to your site. – Maximillian Laumeister Apr 23 '19 at 15:33

It is situational. Any time people are going to google seeing the link to your website and clicking on the link to your website then going there and not bouncing, you are getting a slight boost in site value in the eyes of Google. So, if people are looking for your login page, register page and reset password pages, then go to and interact with those pages consistently, it is a good idea to make them indexable as they are useful to your users and they can help you to rank for heavily entrenched terms. Depending on your site structure, this can also become an organic site link which makes your organic result larger and leads to an increased ctr on other terms that make your website pop up organically.

On the flip side, if people don't use it / click it much it's likely to just sink to the bottom of the search results, it's not likely to do you much harm either. Generally speaking, Google will index and rank highly the things people click on and interact with. Most of the time you should try to index everything unless you have a specific reason not to (like crawl budget conservation).

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