in a MediaWiki project I don't need the automatically created About webpage because in this case the homepage already covers the about details of the project.

I can delete any webpage but for some reason I cannot delete the About webpage,
there is no Delete button in the About webpage as there is for basically any other webpage in MediaWiki.

How could I safely delete the About webpage itself?

Update for Tgr

Sadly, I cannot remove the link from MediaWiki:Sidebar

enter image description here

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There is no automatically created About page. A link to it does get created automatically, you can remove that by editing MediaWiki:Sidebar.

  • Thank you, in Hebrew it was: index.php?title=מדיה_ויקי:Sidebar&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop. – JohnDoea Apr 23 at 1:21
  • Seems I cannot delete it from there (please see update in question). – JohnDoea Apr 23 at 1:23
  • You have to be logged in as an administrator. – Tgr Apr 23 at 3:53
  • My user is a bureaucrat, Sysop and interface-editor, as long is the first user created. From the documentation I understand this is indeed an "administrator" (due to Sysop). – JohnDoea Apr 23 at 14:49
  • I can't read Hebrew, but there's a cursor in that screenshot so presumably the page is editable. – Tgr Apr 24 at 2:09

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