Using Google Analytics we are wanting to track users and then know when they have completed our student registration form, as a goal.

The student registration is from another provider on a different website, but I know there has to be a way to tie these users together for goal conversion.

Would this work the same way as goals for ads? What is the best way to do this?

  • Do you own and control the other registration form? I.e., can you add Analytics tracking code to it?
    – kgrg
    Apr 9 '19 at 18:40
  • Yes, we could add tracking code to it with the help of the other provider. Apr 9 '19 at 18:46
  • In this case, this seems to be achievable with cross-domain tracking, where you share the client Id among several sites, to keep tracking the same visitor.
    – kgrg
    Apr 9 '19 at 18:49
  • And would we still be able to create a goal when the user finishes the registration form? Apr 9 '19 at 18:52
  • Yes. Cross-domain tracking will send hits from multiple sites to a single Analytics property. You will be able to set up a goal based on the form's success URL, or an event generated by the form submission.
    – kgrg
    Apr 9 '19 at 18:54

Yes, you can do this using the following method:

you need to have Google analytics installed on your target website

  1. Hyperlink from your website using the utm_source, utm_medium and campaign links
  2. Create a goal in Google analytics where filling the form will redirect user to a thank you page or create a value that is filled in analytics on the target site.

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