I currently have a website created with WordPress. Domain name registered with namecheap.com and host plan with hostgator.com. Both created on the 25th April last year (one year plan) and set to expire this month.

Now I want to create three more other websites. And I want this current website's domain name to expire. The client does not want to renew the site so I decided to let it expire. If their domain expires, what will happen to the contents, will they also be deleted automatically? if it does, that is fine.

So now that I will create the three new sites, I want to use the same host plan with HostGator and just renew that.

Basically, I want to renew the host plan, have the current website expired and deleted, and create the other three sites. Is this possible?

  • Most web hosting providers do not delete contents of websites if the domain expires, websites are usually still reachable at your username (e.g., ~username.server123.hostgator.com), however that might depend on if the control panel is setup to be dependent on the domain or customer info. It's probably best if you just contact HostGator to ask. – dan Apr 2 at 3:21

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