In the last months I noted that one of my main keywords (website section) was dropping quickly, did I do maybe something wrong? For instance to add a menu entry and a h1 with the exact keyword which is actually the real name of the section?


  • Actually, the website purpose is to give you public and local IP address, and is exactly what it does. The keyword is: 'what is my local ip'... so... If you search that, and all what you get is exactly that... hehe maybe Google is just doing the things wrongly or maybe I have to find the ways to retain the user a bit longer in the website... maybe offering some additional services or so... – JMendoza Apr 2 at 17:52

It's difficult to tell based solely on the information given.

More likely it's Google's recent spurt of updates. However, based on what I see, you have only occasional click through by users in spite of a fairly consistent impression rate and positioning. It's my belief that Google interprets low click through as not answering the user's question. As a result, they may choose to show your links less.

CTR and SEO ranking is a controversial topic so you may want to look at this post of CTR and Google rankings and this question here on SE How can CTR affect SEO for different people's opinions.

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