is it possible to create pages in more than one language without having to create separate pages for each language in Google Sites?

This isn't a feature of Google Sites, but I was hoping there might be a workaround.

Greets, Kenny

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You could do it using JavaScript. If you're looking for automatic translation you can try the Google Translate Widget.

If you're going to do the translation yourself you could create a language dropdown and use JS to replace the page's contents with the contents of the selected language. To do this though (assuming Google Sites doesn't allow you to use server-side code; not really sure) you'd have to have the browser download the page in all languages then just use JS to swap in the correct content.

Check out this Fiddle to see what I mean.

  • Google Translate is built-in in Classic Google Sites.
    – Rubén
    Aug 26, 2018 at 22:21

The Classic Google Sites automatically adds a "Translate" button at the bottom of the page.

It's worthy to note that the languange settings of your account / web browser could prevent to show it, so if you want to test this feature use a different account and browser set in a language different from your site.

For the above screenshot, my site is in Spanish, the test account and web browser language are set to English.

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