Consider we have created structured data using JSON-LD. After coming to know that we can do it using Google Tag Manager (GTM). We are planning to do it using GTM.

What measures & precautions we need to take now?

And also some doubts:

  • 1) Can we remove old codes? If removed, will it affect our SEO or traffic?
  • 2) Do we need to remove old codes?
  • 3) Can we keep both codes? (using GTM & old codes)
  • 4) What's the best practice?
  • 5) Will GTM helps to reduce load on website? (less codes on website)
  • Structured data doesn't help with search engine rankings. The only way it affects traffic is if you get a rich snippet that looks appealing to visitors and increases your click through rate. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 30 '19 at 17:59

Implementing structured data using GTM is not recommended, even John Mueller from Google said He wouldn't rely on It (see https://twitter.com/thisisdelbert/status/1017098840422244352). The reason why is, because GTM is rendered via JavaScript and Google could have troubles with the rendering.

Plus, If you already have your structured data implemented using JSON-LD, why would you change It? It is the best approach you can do, because It is hardcoded in HTML and no JS is needed to be rendered.

  • Thanks for your inputs Tomas. But many say that inserting structured data via GTM will help to reduce the load on server. Is it correct? – samp Apr 9 '19 at 3:31
  • @samp I can't think about a case in which this would be true... Don't decide according to that statement. – Tomáš Nosek Apr 10 '19 at 13:57

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