The web page took 22792 ms to load, used 119 requests, and weighed in at 1.7 MB.

The Google Page Speed performance grade for this web page is 70/100.

I'm looking to decrease my load times, but am unsure of what further I can do. I believe my images are as low as I can get them without compromising any more quality.

These are my results

Any help is appreciated.


  • That's close to 6 hours wait time, isn't it? I would think there is an error in your code that's preventing the page/script from finishing/exiting. – elbrant Mar 28 '19 at 2:53
  • Any idea of how I could identify what that issue would be? Running off Wordpress and have CloudFront installed but in the last 4 weeks have had severe loading time issues and random 504 errors that last for a couple of minutes. Appreciate the help! – GReid Mar 28 '19 at 4:23
  • We can really only make guesses...see the linked question for some ideas. Since you're getting 504 errors, it's likely due to your server or network being overloaded. Unless you have a WordPress cache plugin setup, a CDN isn't gong to help much. Dynamic content isn't typically cached by CDNs, so requests come directly from your server. I'd suggest testing a simple HTML file and comparing that with your WordPress URLs - if it's much faster, then your server is getting bogged down by WordPress and plugins. I'd suggest talking with your hosting provider to upgrade in that case. – dan Mar 28 '19 at 4:42