I realize that there's been a lot of apparent Google fluctuations over the past few months.

However, to me, it looks as though Google might be randomly ordering positions 3-10 in my particular niche among similar quality domains. I'm curious, is there any evidence or prior statements from Google that might indicate this is true? Or, should I simply interpret this as just multiple updates from Google and within my competitors?

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    "equivalent domains" - what do you mean exactly by this? No two search results are ever exactly equal (and there is no way you can determine this anyway as a Google outsider), particularly when dealing with "my competitors" (presumably sites out of your control). I can't think of any possible reason why Google would ever "randomize" the SERPs - that would seem to make no sense at all?! Any changes in the SERPs will no doubt be down to changes in on/off site SEO between the sites and possibly algorithm changes at Google. – DocRoot Mar 28 '19 at 18:35
  • @DocRoot I realize that it may be rare, if ever. I assume that every URL has some weight assigned to it by Google, and that Google sorts the SERPs by this weight. Should I assume no two URLs ever have exactly the same weight? Even random number generators are known for generating potential duplicates. – Trebor Mar 29 '19 at 0:44

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