If I set up my own nameserver/and or a DNS server, How would I go about making my own custom domains? Please correct me if I am wrong about needing a nameserver/and or a DNS server

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    Why do you think you need your own DNS server? If you are running a website, you can use a DNS server that is provided by your domain registrar or webhost. If they don't have them available you can use third party domain hosting for as little as $10/year. DNS services are cheap. If you want to run your own you need multiple servers in different countries. DNS servers are difficult to run and hard to secure. I would not recommend running your own DNS server. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 20 at 13:20
  • I want to be able to have my own custom domain/domain extension. Also, I want one for privacy reasons – reesericci Mar 20 at 13:21
  • I also don't want mine to be at scale. I want mine to be local with a backup to – reesericci Mar 20 at 13:23
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    I would like to have a domain extension that is not available through a domain registrar. Basically, I would like to bypass ICANN and make my own server to process the requests. A backup to means that if a domain is not available on my server it will send a request to the DNS server (cloudflare) – reesericci Mar 20 at 22:09
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    "I would like to have a domain extension that is not available through a domain registrar. ". You can't. If you want it to be globally available and visible of course. If it is a local experiment, you can set up your nameservers with whatever domain and TLD you wish. But by default noone will query for them. Also you seem to be mixing or not to be clear on the very important difference between an authoritative nameserver (the kind you will need to create domains) and a recursive nameserver (the kind is). – Patrick Mevzek Mar 20 at 22:53

You can't eliminate the registrar and domain servers entirely, as no browser could find your domain. So no, what you want isn't really possible

A domain must be registered through an ICANN accredited registrar. That's what the ".com" or such points to, then their servers say "check domain registrar for more info"

Even if you could get this up and running, you may get in trouble (unless you create your own registrar, which is expensive and not easy)

There really would be no gain doing it yourself anyway, because Cloudflare had a global CDN you don't have, and a lot more server power

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