I recently discovered the Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns report is usually sampled in our Google Analytics. If I reduce the date range to 1 or 2 days, it might be unsampled, but even some single days are showing sampling.

I've gone through the GA page on sampling and nothing seems applicable. We do not have the Users and Active Users metrics enabled, it is not a Google Ads report, and it is not modified in any way from the default: I have no segments applied, have not changed the primary dimension or added a secondary dimension, have not clicked through on any entry, and have not filtered the table.

Everything I can find indicates this report should not be sampled regardless of date range. Is there another explanation I am missing?

  • Is it problematic that sampling is applied? Sampling usually gives pretty good data for large date ranges. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 14 '19 at 12:54
  • You say that "nothing seems applicable", yet you are creating an ad-hoc report by changing the date range. – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 14 '19 at 12:54
  • It's mostly confusing. Sampling applies even with the default date range, and I've also never had a date-range change introduce sampling on an otherwise unmodified standard report. We don't need exact numbers for this, though we were interested in a low-traffic set of campaigns, so the sampling isn't too painful but... it just seems like it shouldn't be happening if our setup is correct. – Reve Mar 14 '19 at 14:54

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