From the middle of February 2019, I started noticing drop in the traffic we generate for our website. I heard that some Google SE updates are around and I don't really know if my traffic drop is related to this unknown spam backlinks or due to an algorithm update.

Here is a screenshot from my GSC:

Spam link from external domain

spam backlinks from multiple pages on external domain

As you can see from the above, my website URL, the same kind of spam backlinks are also targeted at my other two websites.

All backlinks from theses suspicious websites are targeted at my most viewed and ranked content

Should I disavow from these links now ? or wait till google updates finish

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If you think these backlinks are from a domain that relates to spam and are not acquired by you, it is best to do the following:

  • Contact the domain webmaster to remove all the pages linking to your domain
  • Disavow all the bad or low quality backlinks that you think are affecting the website

Should I disavow from these links now ? or wait till google updates finish

Irrespective of google updating their algorithms, if you notice any bad / low quality backlinks, it is best to remove them from the domain or disavow them.

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