I have 6 products, each product has separate application form (different url), but "thanks for application" page I have only one for all application forms.

I set up goal with funnel /product-1-application-form (required) and /thanks-for-application and other goal with funnel /product-2-application-form (required) and /thanks-for-application but still if someone sent me application, google analytics counts this goal for both products goals.

How should I set up goals that google analytics counts separate goals for product 1 and product 2?

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Google Analytics is fairly limited in its flexibility in for goal tracking. If you have multiple goals, they each need a unique set of URLs, or GA gets the tracking messed up.

The easiest way to implement it is usually to send users to a thank you page with a dummy parameter. For example:

  • /product-1-application-form -> /thanks-for-application?product=1
  • /product-2-application-form -> /thanks-for-application?product=2

The "product" parameter would have no effect on how the page looks, it would only be used for tracking. This allows you to re-use the same thank you page multiple times but to vary the thank you page URL for Google Analytics goal tracking.

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