I'm trying to format a visual interface for specifications in my product aggregator website. Can I use more than one itemprop="description" for one Product?

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product">
<div class="big1"> // align left width 50%
<img itemprop="image" src="phone_1.jpg" />
<div class="big2"> // float left width 50% 
<div class="format1"> // align left
<span id="1" itemprop="name">phone 1 name</span> //50% align left
<span id="2" itemprop="description">phone 1 storage</span> //30% float left
<span id="3" itemprop="description">phone 1 RAM</span> //20% float left
<div class="format2"> // float left
<span id="4" itemprop="description">phone 1 screen type</span> //40% align left
<span id="5" itemprop="description">phone 1 resolution</span> //40% float left
<span id="3" itemprop="description">phone 1 camera</span> //20% float left
  • Consider the following: How does Google determine a relevant description? Note that the Product type has many other properties besides the description. IMHO, many descriptions do not make sense. – nikant25 Mar 4 '19 at 3:43
  • This can cannibalize the contents of the properties description. – nikant25 Mar 4 '19 at 3:56

According to this answer on StackOverflow, having multiple descriptions is acceptable in the Microdata standard.

Multiple descriptions pass the Yandex Microdata validation tool. I had to add some missing elements relating to 'offer' for your code to work.

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