I'm currently analysing some landing pages with the URL inspection tool of the Search Console, and most of them look to be not loaded (script and css). The main reason announced by Search Console is: other error (without any more information).

I was thinking the problem might be that the scripts are too complex, but some of them are very simple.

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    are your scripts blocked against crawling? robots.txt? – Evgeniy Mar 1 at 11:16
  • The "other error" doesn't mean that it is blocked by robots.txt. Google specifically tells you if something is blocked by robots.txt. Other errors are something else and Gooogle isn't saying. I'm seeing it for some of the images in my page. They are small images and Google has permission to fetch them. See this screenshot from the URL inspection tool: i.stack.imgur.com/LBqao.png – Stephen Ostermiller May 2 at 10:33

According to this support thread, "Other error" may be that Googlebot reached the limit of the number of requests it is willing to make to a server to prevent it from overwhelming the website with requests.

There was not a definitive answer, but that appears to be the response. If this is true, I wish the "error" message was changed to something like "Rate Limit Reached"...

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