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I have a strange problem with my WordPress site that has no common solution.

I’m currently in the middle of turning my site from a Lifestyle blog to a book-oriented blog and had to delete over 400 posts.

I got just 94 posts left now but the thing is that search engines are now indexing thousands of urls on my site. Google has hit over 23k urls while bling is at 1.4k.

After much research online I found that this issue is referred to as index bloat and its a common thing with eCommerce sites that delete a lot of content.

Solution? Using robot txt to disallow each url.

I ran a site:mysite.com search on google search and saw tones of these urls. Its mainly my homepage and blog pages repeating themselves, over and over, thousands of times. I moved from blogger to Wordpress originally then successfullu changed url structure from .html to /. Now all those urls have now come alive, every url ever to exist on my site even those added by a melware a year ago which i cleaned up with a WordPress reinstall. Thousands of URLS are now indexed but t4affic is zero!

It’s been over 2 weeks now and not change. What do i do? Get another domain or just wait it out?

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