In my Google Tag Manager Events, I am tracking Downloads use {{Page URL}} as the action. However, in my Analytics Goals, I'd like to use an event to track downloads of a SPECIFIC PAGE. So,

Category - Download, Action - Specific Page URL, Label - Specific Audience.

How do I use a SPECIFIC page URL in my Google Analytics goals to work off the event tracking I have that tracks all pages?


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You wanna see how many downloads happened on certain page. I would suggest that you update your tracking a bit. You should track your downloadable links, buttons, etc. with a specific tag in which the label will be {{Page Path}} or {{Page URL}}.

In a configuration like this, you will get an exact name of the file downloaded as well as on which page that happened.

  • On this i could only add that you should enable built in variable {{Click Text}} and set that one on label. He get the page he get the file, that is all
    – Filozof666
    Commented Mar 25, 2019 at 6:32

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