So lately I found more than 7,500 links our website that are coming from spam sites. I used disavow to get rid of them.

In the future though, nobody stops a spammer to make

  • abc.tk
  • foo.tk
  • bar.tk
  • LOL.tk
  • etc etc

and use all of them against our web page again. Is there a way to disavow anything ending with .tkonce and for all? Something that will look like the * on a file search.

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Can I wildcard disavow all links from any site on a specific top level domain?

There is not currently any wildcard capability, no.

If that ever changes (which is unlikely -- too dangerous), it would be mentioned here.

Unfortunately, link disavowal is a very manual process, but at the same time that helps prevent users from going overboard and mistakenly destroying their rankings.

  • I don't find it dangerous to wildcard specific domains, especially if they do more harm than good. Free domains that spammers mostly use, can be prevented. As long as it is a manual job, I am on to make a csv to google report text automation to handle stuff faster. Thank you for your reply.
    – George Eco
    Commented Feb 22, 2019 at 7:28

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