Let's assume we're running a website on greatwebsite.com. This is a multilingual website, and we're using /en, /de, /fr as path prefixes to handle languages (and not via top level domains).

We're using a CDN to front the entire website, and greatwebsite.com is CNAME'd to greatcdnprovider.com which then gets dynamic content from the configured origin.

We're in the process of launching a new version of this website, and we want to do this per language. We'll start with a small segment (language). The new website runs on Azure.

Our CDN is capable of using different origins based on request path. What we want to do then is to start off with sending all requests for greatwebsite.com/[insert-language-here] to the new Azure Web App, while all other languages goes to the current website.

Now, we're unable to add any CNAME or A record to greatwebsite.com, because we've already CNAME'd it to greatcdnprovider.com.

So what do we do then during this transition?

One idea is to create a subdomain azure.greatwebsite.com and CNAME that one to the Azure Web App. Then, we'll have the CDN to use azure.greatwebsite.com as it's origin for requests togreatwebsite.com/en.

So, greatwebsite.com gets CNAME'd to greatcdnprovided.com which then use azure.greatwebsite.com which again is CNAME'd or has an A record to our Azure web app.

Does that sound like the way to go, or do we have other options?

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